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Vendor Day & Event Services

We call it Engagement in Real Life™

Canna Demos helps brands effectively structure and execute their direct marketing efforts.

We have extensive experience with promotional work, including process development, planning, setup, training, and data collection.

Our system dispatches educated and compliant brand representatives to effectively carry out the in-person promotion of your brand at trade shows, events, dispensaries, and more -- while using data backed processes to assure return on investment.


from Magazines we admirE

"Cannabis product demonstrations may offer a nifty compromise for customers and patients. Demos allow consumers to get an up-close view of a product and see how to use it properly without committing themselves to a purchase.  In fact, TGI suggest that 41 percent of shoppers who see a demonstration of a product go on to buy it from the store.


[...]Canna Demos is one of the few companies that specializes in demonstrating cannabis products. They offer several services such as brand representation, product demonstration, and dispensary staff training and have worked with high-profile clients including Wana Brands and Willie’s Reserve."...Read More

October, 2018

“When done correctly, (pop-ups) can create brand loyalty and build trust,” Jessica Kaiser, whose Colorado-based Canna Demos has staged 2,000-plus product demonstrations for multiple marijuana brands, told Marijuana Business Magazine.

[...]When conducting in store promotions on behalf of a brand, Canna Demos' ambassadors answer customers' questions, and try to steer them toward the products appropriate for their needs.

'People don't just want to hear why they should buy something,' Kaiser said. 'They need to know that the product will solve a problem for them. The seller must find out what that problem is through conversation, as cannabis is not one size fits all." ...Read More

Spring, 2020

"Jessica realized there was an opportunity to combine the knowledge of cannabis, experience in product demonstrations she has gained over the years, and network she has built to start providing educated product demonstrators to the industry, where questions were plentiful and education was key. 


She formed Canna Demos, a compliant cannabis product demonstration company and hired her first brand reps in March of 2018. Canna Demos currently supports many of the top brands in the industry including Wana Brands, Willie's Reserve, Incredibles, LucidMood, Ascend, Escape Artists and more through in-store pop ups and events."...Read More

Spring, 2019

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