• Jessica Kaiser

Finding Value in Print Marketing

Publications such as Sensi Magazine, DOPE Magazine, and High Times operate mainly within the cannabis space, and can provide age verification information upon request. Proving print viewership is largely based on distribution. If the print magazines are only being distributed to age verified locations, it can be assumed that the viewership is 70% 21+. They can’t promise that 100% of magazines will only be viewed by adults, but the likelihood of them being passed to younger people is low enough to count as “reasonable evidence”.

Many companies look to print advertising to familiarize the reader with their brand, products, website or location. They have their designers put together advertisements with eye catching product shots, models, their store, or their employees. We all know a picture is worth a thousand words…but is it selling your product? Here are a few values of print marketing, and when they apply best to your brand.

Building Brand Identity

As we know, especially when it comes to unique and high end products and places, brand identity is everything. The people who purchase these types of products and shop at these places want to support brands that align with their sense of self. When they associate with a brand, they will be a loyal purchaser who also seek out new products. This is why relevant branding to your target market is both so important and so valuable. Print marketing can be a great option for companies to show off what makes them different and better - with images! If your logo is extremely eye catching, your concentrates are beautiful, or your staff is phenomenal, this is a great option to showcase that.

Selling a product online

Print marketing is a very valuable tool within the cannabis space when it comes to online shops. With print marketing, your audience is scattered in location, age, and purchasing habits. One of the best parts about advertising your website in print marketing is that magazines can have a long shelf life, and your advertisement could be seen by a myriad of people over a long period of time. When fishing for the right customer for an online shop, it’s always best to cast a huge net.

Promoting an event

Another way to use your page space wisely is to promote an event. Events can be a great way to meet your customers and people interested in what you have to offer. Whether it’s a shop grand opening, a concert featuring your brand, or a meet and greet, events are a very valuable way to give your audience an experience to remember, which in turn they associate with your brand. The downside to using print to advertise a timed-event, is that it can be hard to know when the reader will have the magazine in their hand. If the event is too far into the future, or in the past, the chances of them attending can be slim.

Promoting a sweepstakes/giveaway

Promoting a sweepstakes or giveaway is a great reason to use print marketing. Not only do giveaways provide brand awareness, but customer appreciation is a good look for cannabis brands who want to be different. The downside is similar to the promotion of an event, since these can also be time-sensitive.

Offering a coupon

Many manufacturers and stores use print advertising to offer coupons to visit their location and purchase products. A coupon can be a great tool, as it often takes a compelling deal to get a customer to try a product for the first time. However, it takes a great product to keep that customer coming back and buying more for full retail price. Often the impact of coupons can be negative, as the promotion being offered must be factored into the cost, and often Coupon Clippers are just that. They buy the product that is on sale, and are not likely to ever pay full price. The upside is that you can track direct return on your investment, because you are able to see how many people used the coupon, and how exponentially or minimally sales increased the following month.

Announcing new products

Assuming you already have a committed fan base, it can give an exclusive feel to advertise a new product in a magazine. Another value of this, is that people will bring magazines to their favorite shop, and show the bud tenders or staff. This can help your new product gain awareness with a picture or ad that can be saved and utilized by a purchasing manager.

Announcing new hours or locations

Brick and mortar businesses can find value in using print marketing to keep their customers aware of changes within the business. Whether you’re moving your store, or you’re expanding your business, print can be a great tool to get the word out.

Cannabis businesses that get the most value in print marketing: Dispensaries, subscription services, CBD companies, ancillary businesses, services related and supporting the industry, new companies, non-profits, consumption spaces, web based businesses

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