• Jessica Kaiser

How to Land a Job in the Cannabis Industry

Is starting a career in cannabis part of your goals in 2019? Lucky for you, this industry is frequently hiring, and many entry level positions require very little experience.

The first step to work in the cannabis industry in Colorado is to obtain a “Marijuana Enforcement Division” badge. There are several locations where you can get one, and you can find the whole list of locations and applications here. Always make an appointment rather than walking in so that you are sure to be seen and processed that day. After you receive the badge you’re ready to start applying for positions. If you are willing to invest more in your career, a MED Responsible Vendor Certification is also a great move. Employers love to see that a candidate cares about doing things legally and compliantly, and this class shows that you’re invested in your career, and worth hiring. We highly recommend Cannabis Trainers, one of the first approved courses in the state.

Ready to start hunting? Here are some tools for finding your dream job as soon as this week:


Craigslist has always been a great job finding resource, especially if you’re looking for an entry level position. Many dispensaries advertise budtending positions on Craigslist, and many product manufacturers will be online looking for sales reps. Use search terms such as “cannabis”, and “dispensary” to zone in on searches.


LinkedIn isn’t just used by the conventional world, the cannabis space is using it too! Rather than looking for jobs, it can be helpful to use this resource to find recruiters who can place you in positions that value your specific skill set.


Vangst is a staffing service for the cannabis industry, and is free for job searchers. They can place you in entry level positions on a temporary or permanent basis. If you’re looking to get into trimming or growing cannabis, packaging, or budtending - Vangst can give you the chance to give these positions a try, and give you experience necessary for a salaried, permanent job with the company of your dreams.

Hemp Temps

Hemp Temps was one of the original cannabis industry staffing companies. They place candidates in temporary budtending and trimming positions for a small fee. What’s cool about them is that they often have you traveling to new places, so it’s a great resource to find out more about different dispensaries and manufacturing facilities. You can even be hired full-time by a temporary client through them.


One of my favorite methods to get the job of your dreams is Instagram. If there’s a specific company you’ve been following and admiring, many times their social media is handled by a marketing person within the company, or the owner. It’s always worth a try to contact them via message to see if they have any open positions available. Make sure to always search for job postings beforehand when using this technique, so it doesn’t come off as lazy.


The most efficient method to find the right job is, and always will be referrals. Ask your friends in the industry what they’ve heard, and see if they know of any entry level positions with promote from within opportunities. Start attending industry events to learn as much and meet as many people as possible. Having a network of good connections can often bring your resume to the front of the stack when it comes time for interviews. This approach is great for not only getting your foot in the door, but rising the ranks of the industry.

Job Fairs

Cultivated Synergy has a quarterly THC Career Fair in Denver - Check out their calendar for details and dates. Vangst, as well as many other organizations also have frequent job search opportunities as well. These events are fantastic because you get to meet the hiring managers or owners, and chat with them in person. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, and make a great first impression. Don’t forget to bring copies of your resume!

When it comes to the cannabis industry, there are a huge variety of jobs that suit different skill sets and experience levels. No matter what you do, make sure you have a rock-solid resume, and are respectfully persistent.

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