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The cannabis industry is new, and products are unique. It's more important now than ever before to educate and invest in your customers. Brand message is key in forming a loyal customer base, but more important than speaking, is listening. Find out more about our data.

Whether you prefer to host or sponsor community centric initiatives, or send your staff onto the retail floor to connect - we've got you covered.

Having brands provide in store services such as vendor days, product demonstrations, and dispensary staff training can be immensely beneficial, but also resource intensive for both points of contact. 


Let us help you expand your brand.

The Costco Sample Ladies of Cannabis


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our services

Staff Training

In store staff training can be given about your brand by our experienced cannabis educated representatives. They are knowledgeable enough to both represent your brand, and give product training.

Product Demonstration

Ensure customers are learning the advantages of the products you have to offer while they shop in store.

Data-Driven Event Scheduling

Have your demonstrations scheduled during the best possible hours in the locations most necessary of attention, without worrying.

Event Consulting

If you're looking for help coordinating your direct marketing initiatives, or building a lasting customer experience - we are experts at that!

Community Event Staffing 

Don't let the communities and programs that you love go without a brand representative on site. We will make sure that your support is shown, and even handle coordination, set up and break down.

Consumption Event Staffing

We have a variety of consumption-trained team members ​ready to walk people through hands-on sampling and compliant educational engagements. 

Project Management

Do you prefer to have a your events scheduled by us, or a brand manager? We have this option available by request!

Swag Procurement

We can make your life even easier by sourcing and supplying take-aways for your events. All we need is your current budget, we will handle the logistics and coordination.

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